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Welcome to my website, to a world of lights, colours, harmonic forms, where angels, fairies and other creatures are all housed. Art, aesthetics and spiritualism permeate my life. I have been a ballet dancer, and later I also found joy in music, singing, and I found myself in it. I was born in Budapest, in the beautiful country Hungary. My second home is Germany. I feel at home in both countries, I love them both. My husband is my soulmate, with whom I have shared life for 35 years already. We both have passion not only for art but also for travel; exploring our wonderful earth, visiting mystical places. Photography has always fascinated me: the capturing of moments, colours and forms, the harmonic interplay of a perfectly created living world, the diversity of people. The supreme intelligence, the creator behind it all, has amazed me again and again wherever I go in the world. The more we look into the depths, the more respectful we approach things.I see our life on Earth as a fantastic gift. We are getting a perfectly designed body into which our souls can journey, explore, live, learn, create, love and always evolve. .I love life, despite all its difficulties, this fluid, colourful, ever-changing dynamic process. I started doing Light-Color photography and digital Painting-Drawing in 2017. Another door has opened for me, I am now continuing the journey on my own, for which the long years of meditation were a big help. Many deeply dormant memories of my life and my previous lives are being brought from the subconscious to the surface, which by intuition guided from above, find resonance in my images to be born. A lot of my images cannot be explained and analyzed by consciousness, they can be only felt. Water can be found in almost every picture of me, in the form of sea or ocean. It symbolizes the source, the cosmic intelligence, the unity, the creator, the incomprehensible, the unimaginable from whom, from what we come and to which we return after our life on Earth. For me, water carries information, has memory and influences us. Water is sacred to me. I would like my art works to touch hearts, open horizons and maybe give a little insight to other dimensions. „Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.“ Ernest Holmes Jesus said : „Know that what is before your face , and what is hidden from You will be revealed to You. For nothing hidden will fail to be revealed.“ The Gospel of Thomas
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