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The Gate Nr.038
Táltos Nr.032
The Ego Nr. 021
The Forgotton Melody Nr. 037
The Heavenly Condor and the colourful Butterfly Nr. 019
Buddha in silent Meditation petrol Nr.024
Buddha in silent Meditation green Nr.027
Cosmic Wheel Winter Nr.031
Cosmic Wheel Spring Nr. 022
Cosmic Wheel Summer
Cosmic Wheel Autumn Nr.029
Reminder for Victims of Violence Nr.030
Lockdowned and Lost in COVID-time Nr. 033


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Love is everywhere Love is in the Air Nr.028
Ryujin the Dragon Guardian Deity of the Sea Nr.025
The Dawn of Rebirth of Harmony and Purity Nr.026
Coloured Silk Fibres with Purple floating Crystal Cocoons Nr.035
Singer & Painter
Mrs.Nature at Night Nr. 036
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Jesus and the returning Souls Nr.017
Soul Partners Nr.018
Enlightened Buddha green Nr.020
Cosmic Wheel Summer Nr.023
LOVE Nr. 047
Mrs Nature Air Nr.015